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An Overview 

At Staff Outsourcing, we ensure you get a streamlined hiring experience to supplement your company’s existing workforce. There are several forms of staff augmentation we provide to our clients, including contract-to-hire, temporary staffing, and project-based staffing.   

In contract-to-hire arrangements help companies bring in temporary employees with the option to hire them on a full-time basis if they prove to be a good fit for the organization. Whereas temporary staffing involves bringing in employees for a specific period, such as to cover a maternity leave or to help with a seasonal rush. On the other hand, project-based staffing involves hiring employees for a specific project or set of tasks, such as developing a new software application or conducting market research.  

Our staff augmentation services have several advantages for businesses, including increased flexibility, cost savings, and access to specialized skills and expertise. By hiring temporary employees, you can scale your workforce up or down as required to meet changing demands without incurring the costs and risks associated with permanent hires. Additionally, staff augmentation can provide access to specialized skills and expertise that may be difficult or expensive to develop in-house.  

To ensure that staff augmentation is successful, we carefully manage the integration of temporary staff into your existing teams and provide clear guidelines and expectations for all employees involved in the process.  

Our Services  

Our staff augmentation services can vary depending on the needs of your business and the skills of the temporary employees being hired. Here are some common services that may be included in staff augmentation arrangements include:

Recruitment and selection
We help businesses identify and recruit temporary employees with the necessary skills and experience to meet their staffing needs.
Payroll and benefits administration
We handle payroll and benefits administration for temporary employees, relieving businesses of these administrative burdens.
Onboarding and training
Once temporary employees have been hired, we provide onboarding and training services to upskill their job responsibility.
Compliance and legal issues
We assist you in complying with employment laws and regulations, ensuring that temporary employees are well-classified and receive the right benefits and protections.
Performance management
We help businesses evaluate the performance of temporary employees and provide feedback to ensure that they are meeting the company's expectations.
Technical support and expertise
We provide businesses with access to specialized technical expertise, such as software development or cybersecurity skills, that may be difficult to find or develop in-house.

Our Tools & Technologies 

Depending on the specific roles and responsibilities of the temporary employees being hired, as well as the needs and goals of the business, we implement tools and technologies to help your organization perform its job duties effectively.

Communication tools

To ensure that temporary employees can effectively collaborate with existing teams, we provide access to communication tools such as messaging platforms, and video conferencing software.

Technical tools and software

This software system helps manage employee data, such as personal information, employment history, and benefits, in a centralized database.

Security tools

To ensure the security of company data and systems, we provide temporary employees with access to security tools such as firewalls, antivirus software, and secure remote access solutions.

Project management tools

Depending on the nature of the work being performed, we provide access to project management tools such as task management software, project tracking tools, and collaboration platforms.

Payroll Software

Temporary employees may require access to specialized software or tools to perform their job duties, such as programming languages, data analysis tools, or design software.

Training and development tools

To ensure that temporary employees have the skills and knowledge to perform their job duties effectively, we offer development tools like e-learning platforms, online courses, and certification programs.

Why Choose us?

Experience and expertise

We have an impressive record of success in providing high-quality temporary staffing solutions.  


We help scale your services up and down as your staffing needs get tailored to your needs and budget.  

Talent pool

We offer a large and diverse talent pool to help you find the right temporary employees with the skills required.   

Technology and tools

We offer great access to the tools and technologies required for temporary employees to perform their jobs effectively.   

Compliance and legal issues

We have a strong understanding of employment laws and regulations to ensure compliance and legal best practices

Communication and collaboration

We value communication and collaboration to work closely with your existing team to ensure full integration


Staff augmentation is a temporary staffing solution in which businesses hire external talent to supplement their existing workforce. The temporary employees are usually contracted for a set period and work alongside existing employees to complete specific projects or tasks.

Staff augmentation differs from traditional staffing solutions as it provides businesses with more flexibility in terms of the duration and scope of the staffing arrangement. It also allows businesses to supplement their existing workforce with specialized skills and expertise that may be difficult to find or develop in-house.

Temporary employees provided through staff augmentation can include a wide range of roles and skill sets, from entry-level positions to highly specialized technical roles. For instance, software developers, project managers, data analysts, administrative assistants, and customer service representatives.

Staff augmentation can benefit businesses in several ways, including providing access to specialized skills and expertise, increasing staffing flexibility, reducing hiring and training costs, and allowing businesses to quickly scale their workforce up or down as needed.

To ensure that temporary employees are fully integrated into your organization, you should provide adequate training and onboarding, establish clear communication channels, and foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork. It's also important to involve temporary employees in company activities and provide them with opportunities for professional development and growth.

To manage compliance and legal issues related to staff augmentation, businesses should work closely with their staff augmentation provider to ensure that temporary employees are properly classified, receive the appropriate benefits and protections, and comply with all relevant employment laws and regulations. It's also important to have clear and transparent contracts and agreements in place that outline the terms and conditions of the staffing arrangement.